What is a zoning report?

A zoning report is a detailed analysis of zoning regulations associated with a property site and its improvements and whether or not complies with the current or previously approved regulations. These regulations cover allowed uses, building height, density, setbacks, parking space requirements, and open space requirements, among others. Zoning reports are also known as zoning conformance reports, zoning compliance reports, zoning analyses or zoning summaries.

Why is my request of a zoning verification letter from a property's municipality not enough?

The obtaining of a zoning verification letter (ZVL) from a municipality is only part of the process. The ZVL can answer simple questions regarding the current zoning jurisdiction and designation and can simply indicate whether a property is a conforming use; however, the determination of whether the subject is a conforming structure or premise is not generally opined upon in the letter, nor are they analyzed routinely by the municipality. ZIPline reports take into account the current physical makeup of the property from a structural and layout standpoint and compare them to current code in the zoning district to determine conformity.

What do I need to provide in order to obtain a complete zoning report?

We can kick off our process simply with site address, and preferably with a list of all tax parcels/addresses involved. Other required property statistics generally involve acreage, gross building area, unit mix, and number of units/spaces. In order to complete the most accurate report, an ALTA survey is preferred, as it is the only document that accurately measures distances, areas and layouts of the site to be analyzed. Without a survey, some measurements may be inconclusive, but ZIPline utilizes Google Earth in conjunction with GIS data from municipalities (when available) to estimate measurements at a property. Some properties may be subject to special site approvals, such as planned unit developments, conditional use permits, or zoning variances. Any advance receipt of these documents from the owner ahead of obtaining from the municipality will speed up the process.

What is the estimated time for completion of a ZIPline zoning report?

Our typical turnaround time for a standard zoning report is 10 business days. This generally allow us time to obtain all necessary documents from a municipality that provide back up for conclusions drawn due to initial verbal indications. Certain municipalities give themselves longer timeframes to complete requests, which can occasionally slow down the completion of a final report. In these instances, Armada seeks to complete a draft report ahead of receiving all official municipal documentation.

Our express zoning reports can be completed in as little as 5 business days. These do not involve official municipal documents and, therefore, do not require us to wait for the city or county to respond prior to drawing conclusions and completing the report.

Do ZIPline reports meet the requirements of my lender?

ZIPline reports meet and are tailored to the requirements of individual lenders and investors. We complete and comply with requirements for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and carry a $1,000,000 Errors & Omissions insurance policy.

Why choose ZIPline over other zoning companies?

ZIPline is made up of former commercial real estate analysts and underwriters who understand the ins-and-outs of real estate finance and ownership. This allows us to more readily opine on the preferences of investors and lenders and tailor our reports to their needs, as well as yours. We employ only college graduates who typically specialize in real estate, finance, or management.

Additionally, our service and responsiveness is what sets us apart. We keep in contact with you to make you aware of any issues that may affect timing or require additional information for adequate analysis and completion.

Lastly, we always customize our reports to our clients' preferences. We are happy to modify our format, coverage, or content included specifically for you.